Where Did the Last Three Months Go?

It has been three months since I posted my first entry on this blog.  Pitiful.  How does that happen?  Where did those three months go?

I’ll tell you where they went.  They went into too much stress over my job and whether or not the two men who own the company are capable of pulling it from the dust and debris of its destruction.  How do I continue to put a smile on my face every day while I watch them drive their business into oblivion?

I have an opportunity to make a move, but it has risks.  I don’t know if I have the courage to make the leap.  I think I’m going to have to make that leap in order to move forward.  If I stay where I am, I will not be healthy when I get to the other end.

I must go…I must go…I must go…I simply need to figure out how to make them believe it is the right thing to do for them and for me.

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